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The most important things in Counselling are Listen more, talk less Sustain a Rapport/professional relationship. Pay close attention to detail. The main purpose of counselling is to enhance social functioning and this is achieved by gaining insights into the lives of clients and working with them to proffer solutions to their challenges. The purpose of […]

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There are times when we do things and in different ways justify them to ourselves and to people around us,But do excuses make the action any different or does it make it sound better, Does it fix things or correct damages?. When we give excuses, Do we actually feel less guilty or we just think […]

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To be Smart.

We more often than not associate smartness with Good Grades, A high GPA e.t.c but what does it really mean to be Smart?. According to Oxford Dictionary it is having or showing a quick-witted intelligence. To me being Smart is doing things at the right time and impacting the lives of others through your actions. […]

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Do it because you Love it.

Just before I turned to leave, She said in a solemn voice full of sincerity, If you don’t enjoy it, Don’t do it. You will remember this one day down the line, maybe 30 years from now, You will remember that Mary kay said … If you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it. But as […]

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Be a Man, Act like a Lady.

“Be a Man, Act like a Lady” I had problems relating with this phrase long before i understood Sexism. I just had a problem understanding why I was supposed to behave a certain way my male friends weren’t expected to behave just because we had different physiological features. Even if you are not familiar with […]

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If it were up to Diana, there’d be Weather……And thus i started reading my 256th book since i began counting, There is just something about books that keeps me hooked until the last page. Maybe Reading books is something I learnt to do, maybe it is something that was just in me from birth, I […]

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